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Other Stuff...

Here you'll find all our ideas and projects that don't really fit anywhere else... but are still great things to make and do! Use the links below to try them out. Remember, if you use one, we'd love you to send us a picture for our Gallery!

The Other Stuff menu:

Musical Instruments

Dry-wipe Memo Board

Bottle & Twine Vase

Dream Catcher

Glass-pebble picture magnets

Picture-frame Chalkboard

Vintage Cake Stand

Washer Necklace

String Eggs

Pasta Necklace

Make a Money Box

Japanese Braiding

Basic Weaving with a simple homemade loom

How to Make Pom-poms

How to Shabby-Chic Furniture

Matchbox Chest of Drawers


Things to Do

Science Projects



Paint tray

Mask Making