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Mask Making

The Mask Making menu:

Mod Roc (plaster-impregnated bandage) Mask - how to make the basic mask.

Mod Roc (plaster-impregnated bandage) Mask - developing the mask.

Mod Roc (plaster-impregnated bandage) Mask - decorating the mask.

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I was on a Performing Arts course at college recently, and for a piece of drama we all needed to wear masks - to make us look like scary trees! As I was making the mask, I realised it would make a good project for people to try, as it could easily be adapted for all kinds of events - Halloween is an obvious one!

This is quite an involved project, and not really one for children, unless you can give them a lot of help! It's quite a lot of work, but the results make it well worthwhile.