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Modroc mask - developing your mask

Things to make and do - Plaster-impregnated bandage mask

You will need:

Basic Mask
Plan of what you want the mask shape to be
Coloured card (easier to see against the white of the mod roc)
Masking tape
Mod Roc (plaster impregnated bandage)

Things to make and do - Modroc mask making

What to do

1. Protect your working area as this can get a little messy.

2. Cut card into the shapes you plan to add onto the basic mask.

Things to make and do - Modroc mask making

3. Attach the card to the mask with masking tape, for a 3D effect (e.g. cheekbones, nose) fold or bend the card before sticking, so that it gives a more defined shape when attached. I found that the masking tape would not stick to the inside of the mask (probably due to remnants of Vaseline), but it was fine on the outside.

Things to make and do - Modroc mask making

4. Cut some Mod Roc into 1 inch strips. Then one at a time dip the strips into the water and cover the mask as you did when making the basic mask. Remember to cover all of the card, including the inside area of the mask. Complete three layers of Mod Roc for added strength.

Things to make and do - Modroc mask making

5. Leave to dry before decorating. This may take a couple of days but you can speed up the drying time with a hairdryer or by placing the mask in a warm oven (50 degrees C) for a couple of hours.

Things to make and do - Modroc mask making

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