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I love making bags! There are so many different styles, sizes, handles etc that can be used when making a bag, so you can make one to suit any outfit or occasion. The first bag we are going to make is a drawstring bag also known as a dolly bag with a length of cord as a handle, next will be a tote bag with fluffy edging and fabric handles. We will also be using shop bought plastic/wooden handles and different trims for the bags. We will also add pockets to some of them and make them out of a variety of fabrics. If the fabric you have chosen is heavy (upholstery fabric) or is the type that doesn’t fray (felt or fleece) then you may not need to add a lining to the bag. Once you get the hang of it, you can mix and match a bag shape with different handles and add a pocket or trim to suit your need. All the bags can be sewn by hand or machine. For speed I will sew most of them by machine.